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Juliana Steiner aka Juicy //

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Julianna Vezzetti aka Juvi //

GOOD TO KNOW Good to Know is a creative partnership between Alex Valls, Juliana Steiner and Julianna Vezzetti focused on creating exhibitions of multi-level experiences based off of unique satellite locations and artist driven ideas. Good to Know proudly emphasis the importance of artwork in uncommon areas showcasing work from emerging international visual artists inclusive of multi-disciplinary projects.


Founded in 2017 by Miami native Alex Valls and New York based Julianna Vezzetti for the presentation of Wayside of Versailles to showcase international artist during Art Basel 2017.

 Wayside of Versailles was a curatorial response to a gutted and vacant 6,000 sqft lot located in the center of Miami’s Little Havana, across the corner from the landmark, Versailles Restaurant, dubbing the new space “El Espacio.”

Due to a highly positive community response to the project, Good to Know expanded efforts and in 2018 was joined by Juliana Steiner, whose curatorial focus is on South and Latin American Art.