SEND US IDEAS/ PROPOSALS.... we love to collaborate and expand our GTK network.

Curators/ Producers/ Galleries/ Organizations...: GTK is a collective in flux. We are constantly expanding our network and working with culture creators, environmental groups, entertainment groups, architecture duos...  etc. If you have an interesting idea or would like to get involved in a current project, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Artists: Good to Know is also open to portfolio reviews for our exhibitions. Please e-mail us your portfolio or web-site for consideration. We can set up a studio visit and keep you in mind for future projects.

Spaces: Good to Know is continuously seeks interesting spaces: raw spaces, outdoor public spaces, private interior spaces, spaces in the woods, on the sand, on the street, in commercial zones, in abandoned buildings, in a basement, in a school...

Businesses/ Sponsors: We like to partner with relevant and interesting brands and companies for our events and receptions. Our demographic is just the best. If you are a liquor, beverage, food, or small business, we can work something out and get your business involved.

E-mail any of the GTK directors at: